De Bever 2nd place finish at The MT.ST Anne'S 4X

Geplaatst op 29 jun 2004.
Mt. St. Anne (Canada) - As for the last 12 years , Mt St Anne  had done a great job in putting up a super well organized event. This race is a classic on the circuit , everybody always looks out to this one every year. During the downhill and 4X events the crowds were big and it was hard to find a descent spot to watch yhe racing. "Always cool to race for big crowds , it gives you this extra drive to go fast," says team manager and rider Bas de Bever

4XAfter the first day off practise it was clear that the 4X course needed some adjustment , to slow the riders down going into the first turn. After the changes were made it turned out to be a course that made for good racing. "It was still fast but with the split up first turn it made for some exiting racing, since tactics came also into play "said Bas de Bever, who felt right at home at this course."I had good starts the whole weekend and had a good acceleration as well. The new Suntour shifter was really accurate and precise where I needed it. "I was put together in the brackets with Brian Schmith, who was one off the fastest guys out there  this weekend, with three 2nd place finishes and a win I made it into the finals."
In the final it was a drag race to the first turn with Prokop and Schmith going for the right, Bas chose to go left." Prokop came out on top in the first turn with me in  second and Brian on 3rd.De Bever: "I tried to get closer to Prokop , but he is really strong at the moment so I had to settle for 2nd, which I off course was really happy with as well." DOWNHILLThe course was a bit longer then last years version end turned out to be just under 3 minutes.Youngster Nico Vink liked it from the beginning , Be One's Swiss Champion Claudio had some trouble getting used to the rough and slippery conditions. Nico even posted a top 15 time in the timed training on Friday. One crash for Nico and 2 major mistakes for Claudio kept them from a top place finish. "We were really happy with how our bike was handling this weekend , it was our own mistakes that kept us from a good finish," said Caluori.
Next is a new venue at the Olympic park in Calgary.
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